It is said that Shanxi is very famous for it cuisine culture, I want to know something about that and try on these delicious foods.

Generally speaking, Shanxi cuisine is less known to people outside the region. One of the reasons is that Shanxi is less populated as compared to other provinces in China. Being a very traditional region where the lifestyle of locals has not been modernised, many outsiders find Shanxi cuisine too authentic and traditional.

Despite the use of pork and chicken, one of the most popular meat sources in Shanxi is lamb, as well as some other parts of the body of a goat or sheep. For example, lamb soup is usually cooked with livers, stomach, and some other organs from the lamb. However, as a traditional area with strong cultural connections with early Northwest Asian nomadic nations and minorities, the use of lamb in Shanxi has been presenting a unique and blended way of cooking of both North Chinese minorities and the Han Chinese. For example, using ground lamb and carrots as a common kind of dumpling filling, is something that has not yet been found in any other Chinese cooking styles outside Shanxi. Besides, blending ground pork with chopped dill is another kind of popular dumpling filling enjoyed by the locals.

The main diet reflects its crop: millet, sorghum, and wheat, while pork, mushrooms, potatoes and turnips are frequently used in dishes.

How about the shanxi’s climate?

Being at a high altitude, Shanxi Province has a cold and dry climate and has an annual rainfall of between 400-600 millimeters. The province is also frequently plagued by sandstorms, especially in the spring, so it is often useful to bring along both sunglasses and a hat when visiting. Generally speaking, the province's climate is the best between May and October.